We have done

what NO other CRM has done before

exclusively by realty space

Realty Space is all about making it a unique experience for your clients

No other CRM connects you with your clients like Realty Space

In any business, acquiring new clients is a key to success. A bigger challenge is to keep them coming back. Clients will remember a great customer service experience, they become loyal and recommend the services to friends and family. Great service makes the clients feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that goes beyond just making a sale.

One of a kind client app + desktop login

One of the main features of Realty Space CRM is it's ability to connect Realtors with their many clients in a way that has never been done before. The unique client app will in the true sense of the word make clients become a part of the process.

  • All client communication in one place
  • All listings in one place..no more searching thru emails
  • All documents in one place
  • Includes smart tools that your clients will love

Gain clients for life. Attract new clients

It costs over 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does retaining an existing client. Happy clients tell everyone and so do the unhappy ones. Nuild exceptional customer service into your business. Using Realty Space will help you to retain existing clients and save money. No more multiple systems for one client..from spreadsheets to physical files for note taking

...everything for a client available at a click