A new generation CRM for Real Estate Agents

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    Finally a CRM
    designed for Realtors in Canada
  • Realty Space
    The ONLY CRM
    with a client app to service and
    gain new clients
  • Realty Space Event
    Benefit with automation
    and smart tools to save
    Time & Money
  • Realty Space
    Connect and Collaborate
    with team

Welcome to Realty Space

A first of it’s kind CRM for Agents & Real Estate offices

Realty Space is not a CRM that Real Estate Agents can also use but one that ONLY they can use. That’s sets it apart from 100’s of generic CRM’s flooding the market. It understand the Real Estate business and consists of tools and modules to help manage their daily activities, provides automation for the most repetitive tasks and it really sets itself apart from how it allows Real estate professionals to offer premium services to their client likes of which have never been seen before ( we promise you that).

Realty Space
Crm for realtor
Crm for realtor
Realty Space Business

Save Time

One Business. One Login

You are probably not alone using too many apps for your business while managing your day from Calendar, to Messaging, to Task allocation, Notes , Client files spread over sheets of paper in Files, Memory, Spreadsheets, Smart apps etc. Besides important data spread over multiple products it takes time and effort to remember where is what.

Realty Space is designed to do all you need and probably more all in a single application.


Don't just move forward. Be Ahead

Benefits For Individual Agents & Teams

Real Estate agents are a busy lot and thus whatever can be automated should be automated to significantly improve efficiency and use available resources to stay ahead of competition.

  • Never miss a lead follow up
  • Never miss a meeting or appointment
  • Never miss a clients bday/anniversary
  • Daily notifications & reminders
  • Assign & follow task to team
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Send auto emails days before closing And many many more

And much more

Gain more clients

Designed for Growth

The main purpose of a Realty Space CRM is to support a business in engaging its customers and better understand them.


Budget friendly

Price is always important. You will find using Realty Space helps in saving and earning much more than anything else you have used at a cost which is considerably less than what is available in the market for comparable features. We have tested this and so can you.

  • by : John (realtor)

    Message : David start email marketing also

  • by : Online2 David Office

    Message : Facebook ads added for client

  • by : John (realtor)

    Message : David start email marketing for client

  • by : OAssist-2 Yash

    Message : Client signed the document

  • by : OAssist-2 Yash

    Message : Client will sign the document by evening

  • by : John (realtor)

    Message : Yash pic the document from nry and get it signed by client.

Collaborate on projects

Offices can now have collaboration of individuals to work on specific client projects and keep all progress/communication in one place

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