gain competitive edge

designed to assist Realtors

One Business. One App

From a lead to home closing and everything in between.

Avoid using too many apps for your one business.

Not a generic one suits all businesses but a CRM but designed for Realtors

Made for Realtors, thinks like a Realtor

Better lead management

Understand your lead generation

Never miss a follow up

Entire lead history available in one click

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Make your customer interactions more personalized

Understand requirements better and respond better

Realty space comes built in tools which will help client in making better decisions

Knock out competition

Stay ahead of the curve

Acquire clients faster

Respond faster and better

Save time and money

Save time through automation for everyday tasks

Organize your day better and spend more time in marketing activities

Use lesser resources to do more and save money

Achieve overall business growth

Increased customer loyalty and retention

Improve your brand credibility

Improved efficiency